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Our Philosophy is Simple - Enjoyment, Development, Learning, Creating football players

Sleek & Beautiful


Cove Youth became the first Community Quality Mark club in Aberdeen. Achieved by ensuring that there is now an adult pathway for all players at CYFC to continue their football beyond youth level.

Sleek & Beautiful


Cove Boys Club was born on September 1995 and were known initially as "Altens/Cove Community Centre Under 10s Football Team". At that time the club had 14 players supervised by Donald Smith, who remains at the club

Sleek & Beautiful


The club was awarded the accolade of being the Club of the Year. We have also developed our own coaching philosophy aimed at player enjoyment and development.

Club Statement

Cove Youth Football Club (CYFC) and the Chris Niven Cup Committee (CNCC) are delighted to announce a massive boost to their joint venture project to create a small sided community Astroturf football pitch at Gateway, Cove, in memory of CYFC's former player Chris Niven. Last week, CYFC's application for community funding was given 100% approval by the "Active Aberdeen Partnership" (AAP) to the tune of a six figure sum (in excess of £100k). The date and final figure for the funding is presently unknown but the approval of the project has now been forwarded to Aberdeen City Council (ACC) for final agreement. CYFC and CNCC will now be working closely with the AAP to meet certain conditions and criteria that will aim to ensure that ACC has a clear pathway towards supporting the funding application. Once the funding approval is fully agreed and processed by ACC, the dream of creating a small sided Astroturf pitch with floodlights could soon become a reality at Gateway. This funding development follows more than two years of fundraising by the CNCC and CYFC that has presently and jointly raised just over £50,000.00. The funding agreed by the AAP, in conjunction with the community fundraising so far, could soon see a purpose built small sided Astroturf football pitch that would be a major boost to the members of CYFC and the wider community of Cove. As soon as the news of the AAP funding approval was received, CYFC submitted planning permission to ACC to ensure that there are no undue delays once the funding receives the final approval from ACC. The funding approval has one final hurdle to clear before the project can proceed to construction. The community fundraising will continue throughout 2018 with this year's Chris Niven Cup scheduled to take place at Gateway on Saturday 7th July and there are also further fundraising efforts within CYFC to further develop the community fund that will hopefully be enhanced with the six figure community grant that the AAP has recently approved. Further details of the funding and the development itself should be known soon and CYFC and the CNCC will keep all of our members and supporters fully informed of progress as it happens. In the meantime both organisations would like to sincerely thank our members and supporters for their patience, support, dedication and interest in our project and hopefully we will soon have a facility that we can all be proud of and that the community of Cove can enjoy for many years to come. Kind Regards, Donald Smith, (Cove Youth FC Chairman).

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