Interview with 2006 Cove Youth coach Paul Paterson – Reflecting on league winning season 20/21

Winning a first league title as coach goes down (for me) as a big personal achievement and one both myself & Cammy are very proud of.
That may sound over the top and some might say it’s just kids football, but as coaches we put a massive amount of time & effort in to running the team and giving the lads the best platform to play & develop as far as they can; so seeing the results of all our hard work (coaches & players), we are delighted with our success.
We play in a highly competitive league with well established clubs who are used to having top players across the region and winning leagues. Also taking COVID in to consideration, with lockdown and stop/start football, it really is a great thing seeing the lads high level of commitment & desire to come back each time and push on to be successful.
Looking back, Myself & Cammy took on the team at a point (18 months ago) when you could say, morale was low and we were lingering around the foot of the table; so being able to transform in to a league winning team/best in the region is a great achievement and every credit goes to all the lads for their hard work and level of performance to get to where we are.
Not to give too much secrets away, but myself & Cammy are really passionate about football (both having good experience coming from junior level backgrounds). We wanted to in-still the lads with a belief & desire to go win; have confidence in their ability and most important go out and express themselves & enjoy their football.
We worked hard our first 6 months on the basics of sharpness, ball control, possession play and working as a team; creating a great team dynamic and having the lads leave training with a buzz for more, wanting to come back, put the effort in and go perform at the weekend – give them that blend of competitive edge but still come enjoy & have fun.
We think the lads have got that in abundance now; they believe in themselves and ultimately going on to win the league – well they deserve every credit and we are very proud of them all! πŸ†πŸ’™πŸ‘πŸ»

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